Margaret River, Western Australia
1–3 December 2020


Prof Susanne Becken

Professor of Sustainable Tourism, Griffith Institute for Tourism, Griffith Business School

Prof Susanne Becken


Prof Susanne Becken is a Professor of Sustainable Tourism at Griffith University, Australia, and a Principal Science Investment Advisor with the Department of Conservation, New Zealand. Susanne has led several government-funded research programmes in New Zealand and has also undertaken a broad range of consultancy work in Australia and internationally. Susanne has widely published on the topics of sustainable tourism, energy use and greenhouse gas emissions, tourist behavior, environmental policy, and risk management. She was a contributing author to the Fourth and the Fifth IPCC Assessment Reports. Susanne is on several editorial boards of leading tourism journals, and she also contributes to several industry advisory panels, including the Sustainability Advisory Panel of Air New Zealand. She is a Fellow of the International Academy for the Study of Tourism, and was honored with the Ulysses Prize by UNWTO n 2019.

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