Dr Sarah Gardiner

Deputy Director, Griffith Institute for Tourism, Griffith University

Dr Sarah Gardiner


Dr Sarah Gardiner has a PhD in Marketing and is the Deputy Director of the Griffith Institute for Tourism at Griffith University, Queensland, Australia. Her research is published in leading tourism academic journals and she has written several book chapters on the topics of travel consumer behavior, experience design and innovation. She regularly delivers presentations, consultancies and training for government and industry in these areas.


Adaptation and Recovery of Ecotourism Markets

The COVID-19 pandemic is having a profound impact on travel behaviour and will reshape tourism markets. This presentation explores changes in tourism demand and the implications for ecotourism. Visitor data and consumer trends are discussed to help ecotourism operators and government plan future tourism experience design and marketing strategies. Domestic markets will play an increasingly important role in business success. This presentation will therefore focus on consumer attitude and intention to take a domestic holiday. Critical insights into the role of domestic travel on business and destination recovery strategies are outlined. Concepts of critical thinking, niche marketing and strategic innovation will be explored to provide the tools to aid adaptation and recovery as we navigate this pandemic and emerge more resilient and competitive. The presentation builds upon the micro credential short course – ‘Tourism – Ready for Recovery’ - launched by the Griffith Institute for Tourism to help tourism operators plan for a better future during and following the COVID-19 pandemic and when facing other disasters in the future. Drawing from the critical insights gained through this course, implications for the future of ecotourism will be presented. Opportunities for new alternative digital technology data sources to aid decision-making will also be discussed.

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