Robert Taylor

Chief Executive Officer, WAITOC

Robert Taylor


Robert is Nhanda, Yamaji heritage. He has been in the Hospitality industry for over 30 years. In this time, he has owned run and managed businesses in the hospitality tourism, mining and construction industries. Having an entrepreneurial spirit, he has proved his capability of diversification utilising his skills and knowledge to cross over industries in order to develop diverse income streams. Robert became CEO of WAITOC in 2015. In this time, with the support of the Board and his team he has successfully delivered the Aboriginal Tourism Development Program. Growing 39 new Aboriginal businesses across WA. These businesses have created 104 full time equivalent jobs for urban, regional and remote communities and has seen success for a National Aboriginal tourism award with Go Cultural Aboriginal Tours and experiences who are a part of the funding programs. He has increased funding to enhance member business outcomes by over 300 % and has the drive to create opportunities for Aboriginal people at a state national and international level. Under his direction WAITOC has been successful in securing the World Indigenous Tourism Summit for 2020 and continues to create new partnerships with prospective stakeholders in order to improve Cultural understanding, Respect and positive social outcomes for the Australian Aboriginal People.

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