Peter Gash OAM

Managing Director/Custodian and Steward, Lady Elliot Island Eco Resort

Peter Gash


In 1984, Peter obtained a cleaning contract for QLD National Parks within the Brisbane Forest Park where he became involved in the ecotourism industry and learned about protecting the environment.

It was during this formative period that he realised it was possible to have a sustainable tourism business that cared for the environment and could make a difference.

In late 1980, Peter visited Lady Elliot and Lady Musgrave Islands (the Southern Ladies) and fell in love with the Great Barrier Reef. His future wife Julie was there with him on that visit.

At that time He set his goal to be the Island lease holder, and successfully achieved this in July 2005.

Peter, Julie and their two daughters Amy and Chloe are now the Leaseholders of Lady Elliot Island Eco Resort.

Peter sees his family as Custodians and Stewards, caring for this beautiful location while empowering people to fall in love with and protect its natural beauty. Just as they have done.

His future vision for Lady Elliot Island is to showcase this most magnificent jewel of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef and to keep its access and visitation costs at a level that all Australians can afford to experience its natural beauty.

The Lady Elliot Island team work hard at providing education, particularly encouraging school and university groups to learn about the reef, its diversity, its marine life and importantly to educate their guests about climate change issues, while conserving and protecting it for future generations.

Lady Elliot Island Eco Resort is the perfect venue for education on climate change and it is Peter’s intention to utilise the gift that has been made to all Australians to use this special location wisely.

Peter’s personal mission is inspiring people to make a difference – “ we all have the ability to influence change for the good” .

He and his family see themselves as custodians of this wonderful island – -their goal is to leave a legacy – a legacy of a better place and world and to inspire others to do amazing things.

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