David Willcox

Director, Common Ground Trails

David Willcox


Wearer of many hats, David Willcox has a broad and somewhat abnormal background in marketing, design, planning, development and tourism. Since finishing his degree he has sometimes dabbled and sometimes excelled in the Web Development, Graphic Design, Film, Photography Fashion, Architecture and Trails industries. Usually learning through osmosis, and typically by surrounding himself with people more smarterer than himself, he has played a vital role in major tourism, commercial and public developments all over Western Australia. David has sat on every perceivable three dimensional side of the Mountain Bike trails fence including as consumer, volunteer, designer, builder, developer and committee member. David is now the sole director of Common Ground Trails, a consultancy which provides expert trail services to clients from local clubs through to state and national agencies. In reality, no one really knows what this guy does, but he always seems busy.

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