Craig Wickham

Managing Director, Exceptional Kangaroo Island

Craig Wickham


Craig Wickham is the owner and Managing Director of Exceptional Kangaroo Island as well as the Chair of Australian Wildlife Journeys. Craig is based and grew up on Kangaroo Island and was part of a business family with a range of tourism ventures. He studied wildlife management and worked with the South Australian National Parks Service before getting into private enterprise. Craig has been traveling Internationally promoting his touring business, Kangaroo Island and Australia for over 20 years. Craig, his wife Janet, their family and local team have been in business since 1990. They have successfully navigated a succession of business challenges - historically high interest rates (24%!), the long shadow of the Pilot’s Strike, SARS, Bird ‘Flu, Swine ‘Flu, Equine Influenza, MERS, September 11, the collapse of Ansett which took out Kendell Air, the main air service provider to their region, banckruptcy of their biggest customer, and a succession of bushfires before Covid 19. Key learning: innovate or fade away!

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