Margaret River, Western Australia
1–3 December 2020


Amy Carter-James

Founder and Managing Partner, rippl.

Amy Carter-James


Amy is an impact investor, entrepreneur and a global leader in the travel industry, having won every award of note in the “sustainable” tourism sector.

Finding her purpose at a young age, Amy developed a pioneering hotel in remote, rural Northern Mozambique, which became one of the “top 100 hotels in the world” and helped to lift 36,000 people out of poverty.

Amy’s drive and entrepreneurial approach to solving big challenges led to her being recognised as the UK’s “Social Entrepreneur of the Year” and the International Hotel Investment Forum’s “Young Leader”. From this platform she has spent over a decade working with teams around the globe; from start-ups and scale-ups to leading-brands, to embed impact into their core DNA and help them scale responsibly to amplify their impacts.

Having experienced first-hand the existential threat posed by the climate emergency and angered that the people least responsible suffer the most, Amy knew she had to act. She recently co-founding rippl., a groundbreaking impact venture capital firm leveraging the tourism industry to build a diversified climate action portfolio and collectively contribute towards Drawdown.