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Shahrzad Roohy Gohar

PhD Researcher, Associate Lecturer, The University of Queensland Business School

Shahrzad Roohy Gohar


Visualisation of Environmental Performance Indicators on Business Process Models in hospitality industry

Hospitality and organisational decision-makers and environmental auditors are unaware of the environmental resources used by operational activities and processes and therefore, environmental resource performance of processes remain unmeasured, uncontrolled and not managed. Environmental resources are measured using environmental performance indicators (EPIs) in organisations e.g water and energy consumption, CO2 and waste generation. However, challenges exist to access, measure and communicate EPIs at the granularity of activities and process levels when using existing methods. Indeed, current efforts to reduce environmental impact deemed to be inadequate while organisations are expected to proactively manage their use of environmental resources. Managing performance requires the identification and measurement of performance indicators and a shared perception of resources. EPIs are new KPIs. My research at The University of Queensland Business School, focuses on developing a method to identify, measure, and visualize EPIs for tourism operational activities and business process models such that the augmented models enable higher-quality decision making about the environmental impact of the processes. This method enables environmental auditors and organisational decision-makers to identify and estimate the environmental performance of an end-to-end organisational process, providing a visually effective platform to communicate the positive and negative environmental impact of the organisation’s activities and the processes.


Shahrzad is working at UQ Business School, as an Associate Lecturer in Business Information Systems(BIS) and is a PhD candidate. Shahrzad holds a BSc in computer science and a Masters in IT; also an ACS Certified Professional. Shahrzad has worked in areas of Business Process Management (BPM) and Information System engineering in industry and has completed various business process improvement projects in the past. Shahrzad’s research interest include Environmental Sustainability, Green Information Systems(IS), BPM, visualisation of environmental information on processes and conceptual modelling. Shahrzad’s PhD project focuses on visualising Environmental Performance Indicators (EPI) on business process models, intending to help organisations and environmental auditors to identify, measure and visualize the environmental impact of their operations.