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Dr Emma Whittlesea

Senior Research Fellow, Griffith Institute for Tourism, Griffith University

Dr Emma Whittlesea


Emma’s professional and research focus is environmental sustainability and climate change, working in public, private and academic sectors in the UK, Europe and Australia. She works as a Principal Policy Officer for the Queensland Government and is seconded part-time as a Senior Research Fellow with the Griffith Institute for Tourism. Her work supports the development and implementation of climate change policy and programs, with a focus on tourism and travel.

Emma has an industry funded PhD which examined the opportunities and challenges of a low-carbon tourism economy in South West England. She has developed strategic and practical sustainability tools and guidance for tourism businesses, DMOs, and Tourism Boards, and co-convened the European Research Network for Sustainable Tourism across 14 European regions.

Emma is currently managing a number of projects in Queensland which includes a program to help Great Barrier Reef islands to reduce emissions and increase climate resilience. Emma also worked with the Queensland Tourism Industry Council to develop Queensland’s Tourism Climate Change Response Plan, and now supports its delivery.