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Andrew Wagg

Project Manager, Tasmanian Parks and Wildlife Service

Andrew Wagg


Success factors: developing tourism experiences in parks and reserves

The Tasmanian Parks and Wildlife Service developed and now operates the award winning Three Capes Track, in the Tasman National Park, and is planning its next iconic multi day walk in the Tyndall Range, on Tasmania West Coast. Share the journey and explore with us how to plan for success.

The Three Capes Track was planned and constructed over 12 years. The next iconic walk is a new four stage project and the journey has just begun. 35 locations were assessed to select a preferred location for a feasibility study. That study will design a new visitor journey and test whether it can be developed and operated sustainably in a natural environment. Based upon its experience, the Parks and Wildlife Service has identified success factors related to visitor, environmental, economic, community, and operational considerations that will assist the selection and planning and development of new visitor experiences that will protect sensitive natural areas and deliver economic and community benefits to regional areas.


Trained as an architect. For four years, delivered business development services for a Tasmanian Government department of economic development. 16 years planning and delivering visitor experiences and infrastructure projects for the Tasmanian Parks and Wildlife Service. After working with a dedicated team on the Three Capes Track Project, his focus is now on repeating that project’s success by developing Tasmania’s next iconic multi day walk in a uniquely different form in a spectacular Tasmania West Coast location.