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Adam Galvin

Development Growth Officer, Mount Hotham Alpine Resort


Mount Hotham Alpine Resort Management Board: why we’ve started the Destination Certification Journey

Participating in the destinations workshop, Jon Hutchins, CEO, and Adam Galvin, Development Growth Officer from Mount Hotham Alpine Resort Management Board will discuss the ecotourism destination certification process embarked upon in 2019. The Mount Hotham Alpine Resort Management Board is a statutory entity that is responsible for managing Crown Land at Mount Hotham, along with the provision of gas, water, waste-water processing, waste management and public transport along with environmental stewardship.

The Australian Alps are a major contributor to the Australian tourism economy, generating $707m of Gross Regional Product annually. This requires careful management of the natural features which make the Resorts such appealing destinations, including of over 100 listed species of flora and fauna.

Mount Hotham will address why they chose to embark on this certification process, what motivated them, feedback received from government stakeholders, and how the certification process has been managed internally and in conjunction with the private sector.


Adam Galvin is the Development Growth Officer at the Mount Hotham Alpine Resort. Joining the organisation in 2016, Adam brought a background in planning and Commonwealth policy to the Resort. In his role, he focusses on the effective management of and strategic planning for Crown Land within the Resort, along with the certification of the Resort as a Certified Nature Destination.