Margaret River, Western Australia
1–3 December 2020

Convenor’s Message

Convenor’s Message

In the years since Global Eco has been staged, we have witnessed the recession of the 90’s, the dotcom bubble, September 11, the crash of ANSETT, SARS, MERS, the Global Financial Crisis, and the Australian drought and bushfires of 2019. Yet the impact of COVID-19 dwarfs all of these events. In the past 12 months many of Australia’s ecotourism operators have borne the brunt of the cumulative impacts of drought, fire and COVID-19.

Although it may seem counter-intuitive at first glance, this year is the year to attend the Global Eco Asia-Pacific, perhaps more than any of the past Global Eco conferences since 1993. With the Conference being staged in December, it comes at a critical time for the industry. There has never been a more important time to come together, draw on our collective strengths and once again spearhead the future complexion of our tourism industry.

Going on everything we are currently witnessing, the future of ecotourism with its commitment to quality experiences and responsible operations will be assured. However, it is not going to come easy.

This year for the first time Global Eco Asia-Pacific will be offered as a live-streamed event, as well as a live conference in Margaret River, Western Australia. With the international borders closed and delegates from New South Wales and Victoria unable to travel to Western Australia live-streaming provides access to an amazing group of speakers despite not being able to travel to Western Australia.

To facilitate staging both a live conference and a live streamed conference Professor Ross Dowling AM, a founding Director of Ecotourism Australia will co-convene the conference jointly with me. Prof Dowling is a highly experienced convenor with many national and international conferences under his belt.

This year, our efforts as a Conference Committee have been directed at bringing together speakers, panellists and moderators that can provide quality intel, case studies of success, empathy with the scale of the task required, and new perspectives on how we develop. Importantly it is an opportunity to take stock and look for new opportunities for alliances and partnerships.

Tony Charters AM
Co-Convenor, Global Eco Asia-Pacific Tourism Conference

It a a great honor and a privilege to serve as a Co-Convenoe of this year’s Global Eco Asia-Pacific Tourism Conference being held in Margaret River, Western Australia. Tony and I will work side by side in Margaret River to convene with the live and virtual conference.

I have worked with Tony for over 30 years and was the convenor of Ecotourism Australia’s first conference in 1994. I went on to convene many other conferences around the country, each contributing real world knowledge and information to those seeking to grow their professionalism in all things to do with tourism and the environment.

Here in Western Australia we are extremely proud to host the conference in the world class surroundings of the Margaret River Region. We know that delegates will find much to see and do during their stay in the region.

Finally, the Conference is about participation and I hope that all delegates take advantage of the opportunities to contribute to it throughout. I look forward to meeting you all personally and hope that the Conference will enrich your life and be a prosperous and abundant experience for you. My aim is to host the event so that you will gain much from it for your professional development and future life.

Ross Dowling AM
Co-Convenor, Global Eco Asia-Pacific Tourism Conference

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