Sofie Formica #

Conference Master of Ceremonies

Sofie Formica1


Sofie Formica joins the Global Eco team

Sofie Formica will chair the single plenary sessions of Global Eco Asia-Pacific in Cairns, Queensland this year. With 30 years of high profile broadcast media experience in Australia and USA, Sofie Formica has earned a reputation as a passionate high-profile advocate for tourism in Australia. Hosting popular television shows along with public and industry events, she is one of the most experienced and trusted presenters in the tourism sector. Along with her loyal audience and social media following, she has extensive networks within the sector and provides a fresh and unique perspective to key industry stakeholders. Sofie is particularly passionate about the future of ecotourism and evolution of this critical sector of the tourism industry.

“Sofie was our MC at last year’s conference and brought a whole new dimension to the event. Her professionalism and knowledge of the tourism industry provides invaluable depth to the sessions she chairs” conference convenor Tony Charters AM said.

Keynote Speakers

Molly Steer #

Straw No More Campaign

Molly Steer1


Molly Steer is an 11-year-old from Cairns in far north Queensland, Australia, who is making waves of exactly the right kind. After watching the documentary “A Plastic Ocean” in February 2017, Molly began a campaign to rid schools in her local community of all single-use plastic straws. In just a little more than a year, this inspiring environmental activist has over 600 schools around the world, totalling more than half a million students who are currently not using plastic straws at schools every day. In addition to this number, over 1000 individuals have taken the pledge, and 500 businesses. Molly is a natural public speaker, she spoke on local and national radio and gave an inspiring talk at her local TedX Cairns event. But even more inspiring than the reach of her campaign, is her no-nonsense approach to activism. Molly tells it like it is. Straws really do suck.

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