Ecotourism - It’s time

In 2018, Global Eco Asia-Pacific focuses on the evolving role of ecotourism in a world challenged on so many fronts. Ecotourism is playing an even more important role in economic development, good conservation outcomes, and cultural understanding.

So often described as a ‘niche’ part of the industry, and yet now representing an estimated 25% of the Australian tourism industry. The Great Barrier Reef alone represents an economic, social and icon asset value of $56 billion. It supports 64,000 jobs and contributes $6.4 billion to the Australian economy’ (Deloitte, Access Economics, 2017). Ecotourism is the standard bearer for sustainable tourism and is being embraced by the mainstream industry.

This year, Global Eco Asia-Pacific will bring together the key players that can evolve this critical sector of the tourism industry – the operators, protected area managers, destination developers, applied researchers and destination marketers.

Photo: Tourism and Events Queensland