2013 Conference Profile

Noosa, Queensland

18-20 November 2013

Download the 2013 Global Eco Delegate Handbook

Tourism Megatrends – Global Eco Action Agenda

Technology, mobility and communities are evolving at unprecedented rates. From the perspective of responsible tourism, ecotourism and experiential travel what do these megatrends mean?

How should the ‘green’ and experiential tourism sectors respond to the megatrends?

This year, Global Eco with the support of Australia’s foremost research organisation CSIRO, will develop an action plan to respond to the megatrends that will impact Asia-Pacific tourism.

Six megatrends are being examined:

The Orient Express
A Natural Advantage
Great Expectations
Bolts from the Blue
Digital Whispers
On the Move

With a very ‘hands-on’ approach, Global Eco delegates will help create the future as they develop a plan to respond to these megatrends. Delegates will drive the agenda. Outcomes will be captured in the Global Eco Charter - Ecotourism Megatrends.

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